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Julian Flores
Julian Flores

Elvis Presley-hound Dog

Unfortunately for Presley, the mainstream public did not find the sexually charged performance amusing, and controversy erupted.[166][217] It was the first major controversy of Presley's career. Letters of protest poured into the NBC mailroom, critics called the performance vulgar, moral watchdogs raised concerns about juvenile delinquency, and even the Catholic Church published an opinion piece entitled "Beware Elvis Presley".[218][219] The performance earned Presley the sobriquet "Elvis the Pelvis".[185] Ed Sullivan, host of a popular televised variety show, publicly stated that he would never feature Presley. Steve Allen, who had already booked Presley for The Steve Allen Show on NBC, faced pressure from network executives to cancel the performance. Allen refused, insisting he would control the performance so it would not offend the public's sensibilities.[218]

elvis presley-hound dog



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