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Where Can I Buy Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara

This mascara comes in such a pretty and jumbo kind of tube. This mascara has a mechanism with the brushes where one cap opens up to a thicker brush which lends volume and if you open the top most cap, it lends length to your lashes with the small thin brush it has. Now this mascara has worked fairly well for me. Mind you, this does not come cheap at all. It has such a cute pink hue to it on the tube, which looks very pretty in my kit. The mascara has a thick brush for volume but I find the product to be a little wet and goopy. It does not look uniform; I wish it were not that wet in consistency. The volume brush works great for me but I have to wait up for it to dry out.

where can i buy rimmel glam eyes mascara

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I love the packaging - it's so sleek and pretty. But the actual mascara isn't great. The formula is fine - it's average, but the brush ruins it, pretty much. It's very susceptible to clumping and I just didn't feel like it covered my lashes fully - only the bottom side where the brush actually touched. I threw it out, and haven't rebought since. 041b061a72


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