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Milyonçu Oyunu - Fizika Sualları və Cavabları ilə Elmlər Haqqında Biliklərinizi Təzələyin

Milyoncu Oyunu Suallari: How to Become a Millionaire in Azerbaijan

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a millionaire by answering trivia questions? If so, you might be interested in milyoncu oyunu, a popular game show in Azerbaijan that tests your knowledge of various topics. Milyoncu oyunu, which means "millionaire game" in Azerbaijani, is based on the original British version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about milyoncu oyunu, from its history and rules to its tips and records.

History of Milyoncu Oyunu

Milyoncu oyunu first aired in 2002 on Lider TV, a private channel in Azerbaijan. It was hosted by Azər Şabanov (Axşam), a famous journalist and TV personality. The show was an instant hit among the viewers, who enjoyed the challenge and excitement of answering questions for money. The show ran for five seasons until 2007, with over 100 episodes broadcasted.

milyoncu oyunu suallari

In July 2021, after a 14-year hiatus, milyoncu oyunu returned to the air with a new title, Kim zəngin olmaq istəyir? Milyonların Şousu (Who wants to be rich? The show of millions). The new version is hosted by İlhamiyyə Rzayeva, a former contestant who won 25,000 AZN in 2005, and DJ Fateh, a radio host and producer. The new version features updated graphics, music, and questions, as well as some changes in the rules and prizes.

Rules of Milyoncu Oyunu

The rules of milyoncu oyunu are similar to those of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. The contestants have to answer 15 multiple-choice questions correctly to win the top prize of 100,000 AZN (about $58,800 USD). The questions cover various topics such as history, geography, culture, science, sports, and entertainment. The questions get harder as the game progresses, and the money values increase exponentially.

The contestants have three lifelines to help them along the way: 50:50 (50 50-yə), which eliminates two wrong answers; Phone a Friend (Dosta zəng), which allows them to call a friend for advice; and Ask the Audience (Zalın köməyi), which polls the studio audience for their opinion. The contestants can use each lifeline once per game.

The contestants also have two safety nets at 1,000 AZN (about $588 USD) and 25,000 AZN (about $14,700 USD). If they reach these levels, they are guaranteed to leave with at least that amount of money. However, if they answer incorrectly before reaching these levels, they lose everything. The contestants can also walk away at any point with the money they have earned so far.

Tips for Milyoncu Oyunu

If you want to try your luck at milyoncu oyunu, here are some tips that might help you: - Read widely and diversely. The more you know about different subjects, the better prepared you will be for any question that comes your way. - Practice with online quizzes and apps. There are many websites and apps that offer milyoncu oyunu-style questions and tests. You can use them to test your knowledge and improve your speed and accuracy. - Watch previous episodes of milyoncu oyunu. You can learn a lot from watching how other contestants play the game. You can see what kinds of questions are asked, how they use their lifelines, and what strategies they employ. - Choose your lifelines - Choose your lifelines wisely. Your lifelines are valuable resources that can help you overcome difficult questions. However, you should not rely on them too much, as they are not always reliable. Use them only when you are truly stuck or unsure, and try to save them for later stages of the game. - Trust your intuition. Sometimes, you might have a gut feeling about the right answer, even if you are not sure why. This is your intuition, which is based on your subconscious knowledge and experience. If you have no other clues or hints, it might be worth following your intuition. - Have fun and enjoy the game. Milyoncu oyunu is not only a test of your knowledge, but also a chance to have fun and learn new things. Don't let the pressure or the stakes get to you. Relax, be confident, and enjoy the game.

Records of Milyoncu Oyunu

Milyoncu oyunu has produced some memorable moments and records over the years. Here are some of them: - The first and only contestant to win the top prize of 100,000 AZN was Rəşad Sadiqov, a 28-year-old lawyer from Baku. He achieved this feat on December 29, 2006, in the fifth season of the show. He answered all 15 questions correctly without using any lifelines, making him one of the few "perfect" winners in the history of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? worldwide. - The youngest contestant to appear on milyoncu oyunu was Nərmin Məmmədova, a 14-year-old schoolgirl from Sumqayıt. She participated in a special edition of the show for children on June 1, 2007, which coincided with the International Children's Day. She won 25,000 AZN and donated half of it to a charity for orphaned children. - The most controversial contestant on milyoncu oyunu was Elçin Quliyev, a 32-year-old engineer from Baku. He appeared on the show on October 14, 2005, and reached the final question worth 100,000 AZN. However, he decided to walk away with 50,000 AZN, despite knowing the correct answer. He later revealed that he did so because he was afraid of being kidnapped or robbed if he won the top prize.


Milyoncu oyunu is a popular game show in Azerbaijan that offers a chance to win up to 100,000 AZN by answering trivia questions. It is based on the original British version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, which has been adapted in many countries around the world. Milyoncu oyunu has a rich history and a loyal fan base in Azerbaijan, as well as some impressive records and stories. If you are interested in milyoncu oyunu, you can watch it on Lider TV every Friday at 21:00 local time, or apply online to become a contestant. You never know, you might be the next millionaire!


What is the currency of Azerbaijan?

The currency of Azerbaijan is the Azerbaijani manat (AZN), which is divided into 100 qəpik. As of June 2021, one AZN is equivalent to about $0.59 USD.

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What is the capital of Azerbaijan?

The capital of Azerbaijan is Baku (Bakı), which is also the largest city and the cultural and economic center of the country. Baku is located on the coast of the Caspian Sea and has a population of about 2.3 million people.

What language do people speak in Azerbaijan?

The official language of Azerbaijan is Azerbaijani (Azərbaycan dili), which belongs to the Turkic language family. It is spoken by about 95% of the population as their first or second language. Other languages spoken in Azerbaijan include Russian, Armenian, Georgian, Kurdish, Talysh, Lezgian, and Tat.

What are some famous landmarks in Azerbaijan?

Some famous landmarks in Azerbaijan include: - The Maiden Tower (Qız Qalası), a 12th-century tower that is a symbol of Baku and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. - The Palace of Shirvanshahs (Şirvanşahlar Sarayı), a 15th-century palace complex that was the residence of the Shirvanshah dynasty and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. - The Heydar Aliyev Center (Heydər - The Heydar Aliyev Center (Heydər Əliyev Mərkəzi), a modern cultural and exhibition center designed by the famous architect Zaha Hadid. - The Flame Towers (Alov Qüllələri), a trio of skyscrapers that resemble flames and light up at night with LED displays. - The Ateshgah of Baku (Atəşgah), a 17th-century fire temple that was used by Zoroastrians, Hindus, and Sikhs.

What are some popular dishes in Azerbaijan?

Some popular dishes in Azerbaijan include: - Plov (Pilav), a rice dish cooked with meat, dried fruits, nuts, and herbs. - Dolma (Dolma), a dish of grape leaves or cabbage leaves stuffed with minced meat, rice, and spices. - Kebab (Kebab), grilled skewers of meat, vegetables, and bread. -


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