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Julian Flores
Julian Flores

Synteko Where To Buy

The biggest concern with Swedish finish is the high level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which will affect air quality in the home. At VOC levels ranging anywhere from 550 to upwards of 700 (compared to less than 150 for waterborne finishes), acid-cured finishes contain toxic ingredients like formaldehyde that degrade air quality, can agitate respiratory illnesses and cause problems like nausea, dizziness, headaches, and irritation in the eyes, nose and throat.

synteko where to buy


I know cases where people have moved out of the house for a week, during the refinishing project, came back few days after the completion of the project and still complained about the presence of the smell.

Buying a product backed by a strong warranty is very important for every single one of us. Many companies learned this litle secret and are using their warranty as an advertising tool, making promises they know they can't and will never keep. We believe that putting our money where our mouth is, would be the best way to prove that our warranty is not just a piece of paper. For more details, click here and read about our warranty and why we believe it will give you piece of mind.

This product is oxygen curing and provides a beautiful natural smooth surface. Synteko Natural is recommended for commercial areas like offices, shops, museums, shopping centres and other areas where high wear resistance is required.

Traditional wood paneling techniques were developed wherever wood was used to line the interior of buildings to help improve insulation and provide an appealing surface. While originally dependent on the type of woods that were locally available, more modern styles were developed with the arrival of industrial-scale forestry practices and machine milling.

Knots are formed where boughs grew out from the original trunk. Larger trees with more heartwood will be less affected by knots, leaving the grain unblemished and allowing a more consistent appearance in the wood. While more knots mean less heartwood (and in new wood can potentially fall out), knots can bring their own particular beauty to a collection of wood.

As the building comes down piece by piece, workers take special care to identify and salvage desirable pieces of wood that they will eventually turn into beams, paneling, and flooring. Once the demolition is complete, the salvaged wood is then loaded onto a truck and shipped to the E.T. Moore warehouse, where it will undergo a series of processing and refinement steps: 041b061a72


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