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Motorcycle Big Cock

Elsa Dream! ! Looking at the tiny Elsa 'Dream' Jean, you'd be surprised that even a pinky fits inside her. But that doesn't stop this tight spinner; she makes every one of those cocks fit. At 5'3" and 100lbs, this former stripper got her feet - and pussy - wet in the industry by sending solo videos to her strip club clients. She liked being watched so much that she made the move to porn at the age of 18, but not before doing her research. The former university student loves to learn, and plans on continuing her education. We wouldn't mind trying to teach her a thing or two! With her slender frame and wholesome look, she tried mainstream modeling, but didn't care for the stress or the unpleasant people. Now she seems pretty happy with her new colleagues, based on the way she rides 'em! And once her co-workers have given her tiny, pink pussy a stretch, they can't help but fall in love. Although her name comes from an unlikely source (the Disney movie "Frozen"), this blonde-haired, green-eyed cutie is blisteringly hot. She says she can't sing but she does make our hearts and our cocks swell. We respect Elsa's long-term aspirations but look forward to seeing her in a dirty variety of naughty situations, both on camera and in our dreams.!

motorcycle big cock

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We have all heard about men and women, somewhere between the ages of forty and sixty going through a mid-life crisis. This can be caused by many things and manifests itself in a variety of behaviors. In our case, we were just trying to recapture some of the excitement of our youth and ward of the loneliness of our children being grown, by purchasing motorcycles and riding and socializing with other like-minded mid-lifers.

We invited David and Jaclyn over for dinner on Friday night, and Emma became interested in riding motorcycles, after hearing how enthusiastic they were about riding, and how much they enjoyed their new group of friends. We decided to try it with them and rented bikes for a couple of months, so we could decide what types we wanted to buy, if any. We soon bought a big Harley-Davidson Electra for me, and a Sportster for Emma.

Our sex life was becoming more exciting and varied, and she began to taunt me about the men who were flirting with her and how it made her feel so desirable. That always makes my cock hard and her pussy wet. She has even gone so far as to fantasize that other men were fucking her, which was totally out of character for her. She encouraged me to suck her pussy, for the first time in our lives, both before and after we fucked. We both enjoyed our new, heightened sexual relationship, and I was too naive to know where it was leading.

Sturgis is a small town of less than seven thousand people, five hundred and fifty miles and an eight-and-a-half-hour drive from Omaha. Amazingly, the event attracts motorcycle riders from all over the world, with attendance usually exceeding five hundred thousand riders. It was none too early to plan ahead, and I made reservations to park our RV in the Whitewood Campground and Events Center, which is only about eight miles and a ten-minute ride to Sturgis. David and I also scheduled our vacations for that week.

We went to sleep about the time the sun was coming up and slept until almost noon. Then we went to a local diner for brunch. Sitting around that table together, knowing what had occurred the night before, I knew that Emma and I had entered an exciting new phase in our lives together. It still bothered me that I had shared my wife with another man, and then sucked his cock, but the immense satisfaction and arousal that I got from that easily trumped the guilt.

Once the men saw her take it in the ass, then both she and Jaclyn were continually being used in the mouth, pussy and ass. I had eaten so much cum by the time two hours had passed, that I was completely sober. And I had the new experience of sucking their cum-filled asses clean too. When I called a halt to the fucking, there were still men lined up to fuck the women, and our wives wanted more cock. I could hardly believe that my not-so-long-ago conservative wife was then a whore for cock and wanted all she could get.

After their showers, we were sitting around talking about the experience in the bar, when we heard the distinctive rumble of motorcycles approaching the RV. A minute later there was a knock on the door, and I found standing under our awning those six black men who were previously walking towards the bar.

Noah and his friends came into the RV, and it was crowded in there. They began to remove their closes, and my senses were overwhelmed with the aroma of their sweaty bodies after a long day in the August heat, and their natural, musky aroma. All the men have long, thick, uncircumcised cocks that were hanging down between their legs, and even though soft, they ranged from about eight to ten inches in length. I could hardly wait to see how big they got when hard. They also have egg-sized balls that were hanging low in their sacks. I was immediately turned on by the raw sexuality of their genitals and hard, muscular bodies.

We pulled out the guest bed for Jaclyn, and Noah and one of his friends pulled Emma back to the main bedroom. I followed and watched as he pushed Emma back onto the bed, and straddled her chest as he pushed his thick, black cock into her mouth. I was hungrily staring at those big cocks, and the other man correctly interpreted my fascination with them. He pulled me to the bed and placed a hand behind my back, encouraging me to go down on him.

I had a new appreciation and desire to be used by him and other blacks. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and pushed me back on the bed as he straddled my head. I was ready to do whatever he wanted. He pressed his huge sweaty balls to my mouth.

We all got cleaned up and rode back in to Sturgis for lunch. Even with the hundreds of thousands of people in town, there were several men who recognized us and knew that our wives had pulled a very long fuck train the night before. Some of them winked or made lewd comments, and it was a strange feeling to be sitting there with women who were known to be whores for strange cocks. We enjoyed various events for the rest of the day, and then went back to the RV for a night of rest, with no fucking. Emma and Jaclyn were sore from the men the previous night at the bar, which was compounded by the aggressive fucking of those six, huge-cocked black men.

Following that trip to Sturgis, our weekend trips with our riding group took on a whole new purpose. Two of the other wives who we had been swapping with decided to join Jaclyn and Emma in fucking strangers in bars for money. None of us needed the money; it was just fun seeing them treated as whores and getting paid for it. As our taste for adventure and excitement grew, we began looking for bars with rougher and tougher patrons, and some of them were even gangs. We also frequented bars that catered mainly to blacks, and all the women enjoyed those big cocks and more-aggressive fucking of the black men. And of course, I continued being the clean up man for all the women, and even sucked a few cocks for real along the way.

Mann was the second-winningest rider in AMA Grand National Series history with 24 national victories.[1] His career on the pro circuit spanned the early 1950s to the mid-1970s.[2] He was known for being one of the most talented and versatile riders, and for wearing a cheap straw hat while working on his motorcycle.[3]

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Mann rode his first motorcycle as a teenager when he delivered papers on a Cushman scooter in Richmond, California.[2] He learned how to ride dirt competitively on a cinder running track at the area schools.[2] He would also ride on the cow trails in the area, experiences that would later help him in motocross.[2] After high school, he started helping at fellow Motorcycle Hall of Fame member Hap Alzina's BSA shop in Oakland as a mechanic.[2]

In 1971 Mann won his second Grand National title on a BSA.[4] He became the oldest series champion in the history of the series.[2] He won the 1971 season opener at the Houston TT. He won his second Daytona 200 in the second race of the season. The win earned him a spot on the May 1971 cover of the AMA magazine. Mann also won road races at Pocono Raceway and Kent, Washington.[2] He was named AMA's Most Popular Rider of the Year in 1971.[2] Mann became the first rider to win motorcycle racing's career Grand Slam by winning in Grand National on mile, half mile, short-track, TT, and road racing circuits.[2]

He owned a business specializing in restoring and selling vintage race motorcycles.[2] He also actively participated in American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) [1] Vintage Moto-Cross racing. His wife's name is Kay.[4]

My cock gets immediately hard when she says this. I have fantasized for years about her screwing another man which is why I enjoyed it so much when she used to tease me about other men. I have told her that I wanted her to enjoy other men, but she always brushed off the idea saying it wouldn't be right. I had pretty much given up on the idea of it ever happening, though I still often fantasized about it and the image never fails to get me off. Ray has been the star of many of these fantasies, since I knew that Lynn fancied him.

I really mean it. I love to take her shopping for lingerie and the idea of buying her intimate things to wear for another man made the prospect even better. We kiss for a few minutes. My cock is rock hard as she gently teases it. I start to caress her boobs. She shoves my hands away as she rolls out of bed.

I am struck by an intense combination of jealousy and excitement. A string of questions races through my mind. Will Lynn enjoy Ray more than me? Is he bigger than me? Should I stop this? Despite all these questions, my cock is sure that it wants her to do this. I want her to call the shots and take another lover. 041b061a72


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